Phil’s Committed to His Dreams For The LDF Kids

With disappointment in his eyes and a heartfelt apology, Phil Collins had to disappoint his fans by canceling his performance at the Little Dreams Foundation Gala & Dreaming on the Beach concert in Miami last Saturday night. This was a much anticipated event as it was to be Phil’s first stage performance in 4 years.

Phil had every intention of performing on Saturday, however rehearsals on Friday and Saturday would prove otherwise. As explained by Orianne Collins-Mejjati, Co-Founder of the Little Dreams Foundations, Phil’s voice was riddled with vocal problems. “Phil has spent all day with the doctors…” she stated at the eleventh hour. Elaborating further, Phil worked with his physicians, doing everything possible, right up to performance time, to get his voice in shape to sing.  Nothing seemed to be working, so at the strong advice of his physician, he had no choice but to cancel his performance. You can see the video from Phil’s apology by clicking on the link below…″ broke the story, citing a “neurological affliction” as Phil’s reason for his last minute cancellation. However, truth be told, no specific cause for his vocal problems was identified. Escorted by his youngest, Mathew he did appear on stage looking not well at all. It is the opinion of this blogger that Phil could have been suffering from something viral rather than neurological.

Needless to say, many attendees were disappointed and understandably so. In the days that followed the event, the LDF Facebook page received a number of positive and negative comments from attendees. Some went so far as to demand a refund of ticket price, even though they heard performances of Phil’s songs by other internationally superstars including Richard Marx, Laura Pausini, and Alejandra Guzman, as well as the LDF Band. In response to those comments, the Little Dreams Foundation released this statement:

Statement from Phil Collins’ Foundation Regarding
December 6 Gala Event

“Thank you very much for the incredible, heartfelt support that was in full effect at the 2014 Little Dreams Foundation concert on December 6. We worked hard to bring you artists from all over the world, along with tomorrow’s young stars, who performed their hearts out on stage.

As you know, Phil Collins was scheduled to perform a few songs at the end of the night; however, he suffered an illness during sound check and doctor’s were brought in to see him. Phil wanted to perform and be there for his fans, the children and the Foundation. His health was monitored right up until the time when he would take the stage. The doctor’s insisted that he could not do it. He addressed the audience and, with great sadness, told them what happened.

Everyone is concerned for Phil’s health, and rightfully so. We hope that you’ll understand that this situation was completely out of his control, and he’s sorry to have disappointed his fans. Because this is Phil’s charity and only operates on the highest level of integrity, the Little Dreams Foundation is offering a voucher for the full, face value of the ticket amount towards the December 5, 2015 concert in lieu of refunds. This will affect the funds we had hoped to raise for the children for 2015, so to alleviate that, Phil Collins has personally made a donation of $100,000 to the Little Dreams Foundation.

We appreciate the support and understanding that we have received. The vast majority of attendees have told us that they had one of the most touching and best experiences ever. For that, we’re eternally grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your understanding and hope that you will continue to support Phil Collins and Orianne Collins-Mejjati in their efforts to make dreams come true for children. ”

Orianne Collins-Mejjati
Co-Founder & Chairman
Little Dreams Foundation

When this statement was released, I, personally, could not have been more touched and impressed by Phil’s actions. He has taken it upon himself to alleviate the potential shortfall the foundation’s 2015 benefit concert could face.

That being said, I would like to propose that those of us who were unable to attend the Little Dreams event on December 5th, all make a donation (whatever you can afford, I know the holidays are upon us & budgets are tight). I, personally, will be making a donation of $50. If we all band together, perhaps we can make an honest attempt at matching Phil’s donation.
Donations can be made at the Little Dreams Foundation website:
In the upper right, there is a “Donate” button to click to make your donation.
Thank you all so much for considering a donation. 😀

Before I go, I’d like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas & A Happy, Healthy 2015! 🙂


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