Finally Some Respect…

After 20+ years of less than kind treatment from the media, Phil Collins is finally getting the respect he so richly deserves. Could the “It’s not cool to like Phil Collins” trend finally be over?

In November 2013, while at the premiere of the Tarzan Broadway production in Stuttgart, Germany, Phil announced that he has started writing again, citing he missed the creative process. He’s even talking about possibly coming out of retirement to record his first album of original music since Testify in 2002.

Phil at the German premiere of Tarzan Broadway production at the Apollo Theater in Stuttgart, Germany
November 21, 2013
PC-Stuttgart Nov2013

More recently, he’s even announced that he’s writing with Adele, who’s album, 21, earned her several Grammys, and was named the biggest selling albums in 2012. As a fan of Phil and of Adele, I am really looking forward to this collaboration. 😀

Since the November announcement, Phil has made himself much more visible, including, the opening of The Little Dreams Foundation‘s US foundation in Miami, FL with co-founder, Orianne Collins; appearances at the premiere of the Beautiful, Carole King Broadway production in January 2014, as well as the Sound of Contact show just few days ago on April 29th, both in New York City.

PC at Beautiful Premiere Jan 2014
Phil, with Dana Tyler, at the Broadway premiere of Beautiful – The Carole King Musical, New York City
January 12, 2014

Phil-Simon 2014
Phil & Simon Collins at The Sound of Contact show in New York City,
April 29, 2014

All of this attention has spawned a series of positive articles on various websites such as, New York Daily, and
With article titles such as…
Why There Will Never Be Another Pop Star Like Phil Collins
Phil Collins Goes From Reviled To Revered 
(Note: this article was sent to the RRHOF Induction Committee as part of my 2nd submission package.)
Is Phil Collins The Godfather of Pop Culture?

Sure, some of the articles out there took minor potshots at Phil for being out of touch with the pop artists of today, but even HE admitted in one interview to “living in a cave”.
But seriously (no pun intended 😉 ) Phil, you must have made quite an impact on Adele during her formative years for her to want to write with you specifically.

This just proves once again that Phil Collins is still very much a viable and important artist to rock & roll music.


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