A Legend In His Own Right

Phil Collins is considered a legend in the music industry. But in 2002, Phil was inducted as a Disney Legend for his contributions as singer, songwriter and composer on the animated film, Tarzan. Songs like Son of Man, Two Worlds, Strangers Like Me, and You’ll Be In My Heart, which earned him an Academy Award, have become instant Disney classics. At the time of Phil’s induction, he held the record for shortest induction time, just three years after Tarzan was released.

Phil's Disney Legends Placque                 Disney Legends Hand Print

According to Phil’s Disney Legend profile, he told People magazine in 1999, “We’ve broken some molds. The fact that I’m singing and the characters don’t burst into song makes it very different.” Disney composer, Mark Mancina also comments, “There’s something very sincere about Phil’s voice…His voice has a tendency to wrap itself around you and bring you into his world. As soon as he starts singing, it’s just magic and provides a very welcoming feeling.”

Strangers Like Me Official Music Video…

In addition to singing the songs in English, Phil translated the feelings those songs evoke into several different languages including German, French, Italian, and two different dialects of Spanish (Latin American & Castillian). No other artist in Disney history has done this! Huge props to Phil!! 😀

Phil Goes International With The Music of Tarzan

The movie went on to mass popularity, which kept Phil very busy before and in between legs of his Final Farewell Tour. He teamed up once again with Mark Mancina to compose the music for Tarzan II: The Legend Begins, co-writing the score and contributing two new songs for the film.
Then, if that wasn’t enough, in 2006 Tarzan took to the stage as Phil was also asked to work on the Broadway musical. In addition to writing nine new songs for the show including Everything That I Am and Who Better Than Me, he was heavily in the production of it as well. The show opened on Broadway in May 2006, running for a year until it closed in July 2007. The production received mixed reviews, despite receiving awards internationally, and had several runs worldwide including The Netherlands from 2006 – 2009; Sweden from 2008 – 2009; Hamburg, Germany from 2008 – 2013; and the Philippines in 2013.

It’s pretty obvious that Phil impressed Disney with his musical prowess. In addition to the Tarzan series, he worked once again with Mark Mancina on the score and songs for the 2003 Disney film, Brother Bear. Composing much of the score, Phil wrote the lyrics to all of the songs and sang many of them in the movie.

With all of those accomplishments, it’s easy to see why Phil is considered a Disney Legend! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Legend In His Own Right

  1. Indeed it is. And Disney composer, Mark Mancina was correct about Phil’s voice. It’s epic…and just so….*sigh*…perfect…

  2. This bought tears to my eyes! This article is so right on. Phil’s voice is so majestic it will grab you and wrap its self around your heart if your heart is open to such beauty. Thank you Phil for sharing your incredible voice and musical gifts with us which will last a lifetime!

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