And Now For The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…

It’s….Audience Participation Time! ::clapping & being all giddy::
Yes, that’s me doing my best Phil impersonation…okay, maybe not. :-p

Anyway…Happy New Year!!! 😀
To welcome 2014, I thought it would be fun & interesting for everyone to post their favorite song or songs from Phil’s vast repertoire and makes those songs your favorite(s).
I think it’s important for Phil and the RRHOF to read from our perspective what it is about his music that moves us, inspires us, and/or gets us through the darkest, bleakest moments in our lives.
I’ll start us off….

Name: Lisa, Official Blogger for the Induct Phil Campaign
Favorite Song(s):  Dance Into The Light & I Wish It Would Rain Down
What Makes It A Favorite:  Dance Into The Light just instantly puts me in a good mood! There’s so much energy and positivity in the music & lyrics that I can’t help but feel like it’s all gonna be okay even during those times in my life when it might not be.
I Wish It Would Rain Down is just my absolute favorite song from Phil, plain & simple. I find redemption in the words, “I wish it would rain down”…sort of a cleansing of the soul. And the pure, unadulterated, intense emotion in Phil’s voice just moves me so. 🙂

Now it’s your turn…I encourage all of my visitors to share their thoughts & opinions in the Comments Section below. Have fun! I look forward to reading & sharing your thoughts with Phil & RRHOF. 😀

UPDATE: I’ve had to remove the contacts form as it was not working quite as I expected.
I wanted to be able to share everyone’s comments in this post. In order to do that, I have copied & pasted the comments of all those who responded in my contact form into individual comments within the Comments Section. Thank you to those who have share their favorite songs thus far. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments so far! 😉

And again, don’t forget to read & sign the online petition. Even if you signed the original petition poster on the Official Facebook page, I still encourage you to this petition. 🙂 

As always, thank you so…so much for your support. Without you, Yvonne, Kathy & I couldn’t make this happen.

Until Next Time….Later My Fellow Phil Fans…
Lisa  😀


9 thoughts on “And Now For The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…

  1. From: Magalie D. – Paris, France (January 4, 2014 5:05am)
    Favorite Song(s): Take me home & For a friend & drum duet
    When I feel down, I have to listen to “Take me home”, I often feel like I’m not at the right place, and I live in a crazy place, so … sometimes (mmh often 😀 ), I need it. It’s also probably because this was the last song of most of his gigs, especially when he came in Paris on ’94, I heard him and could see him singing that song, I’m blessed 🙂 ❤
    The second one "For a friend" is a rare song from the B-side of "We wait and we wonder" (an amazing song too, from the Both Sides album), I dunno why I luv it that much, just can say it's special to me. I discovered it a few years ago via youtube !
    And the drum duet, well, I love the drums. Feels like if the drums could speak when Phil (and Chester) plays, can't explain it (it happens also with "Chips and Salsa" where I can completely understand what the music says, without any lyrics). Of course, I love many more songs, and the favorite songs depend on the time, but those three are the one that come the most often to my ears 🙂 Thanks Lisa for this sharing moment and for this blog, the petition and all, I've already signed the petition a long long time ago now (poster and online one), but please, I encourage all the visitors to read and sign the online petition (the link is at the end of the article). Thanks for ready, and please, share your thoughts and opinions with us ! Can't wait to read u all 😀

  2. From: Mirz Pinjic (January 4, 2014 8:24am)
    Favorite Song(s): In The Air Tonight
    Well all songs from Phil have its own value but this song ( In The Air Tonight ) was the first song that I hear from Phil , and thats how I discover Phils music . Also this song is an masterpiece for drummers becouse that drum patent in this song is great , I know that becouse I am a drumer and it is realy good feel when you heard that song and drum solo when Phil play it . Also this is a first solo singl of Phil and one of his most commercial and successful song ever . This song apears on GTA Vice City Stories video game and I play the game many years ago and there for the first time I hear the song and from that time over and over again (In The Air Tonight) dont go from my head and my heart !!

  3. From: Yvonne(Official Admin for the Induct Phil Page) (January 4, 2014 8:32am)
    Favorite Song(s) EveryDay, Rain Down, Hang In There Long Enough
    Everyday is my favorite song because when he sings: Everyday you know I try so hard though it gets a little harder. I love the lyrics! It helps me get through some tough times even though it’s hard I think of Phil and why he wrote this song I keep trying.
    Rain Down, Phil sings it with so much passion and power! Rain Down is a cleansing kind of song forgiveness, and full of love…I realize I hurt you and I didn’t mean to let you down I never meant to cause you any pain! That says it all to me.
    Hang In There Long Enough. Ahhh now here’s a inspirational song that gives hope when your hanging on by a thread! This song uplifts me, lets me know that if I hang in there long enough I will make it in spite of the odds! As the lyrics say: Don’t give in! Don’t give in!! hang in there long enough you’ll do it!
    Thanks Phil for these great songs full of love and inspiration!

  4. From: Miriam (January 4, 2014 11:28am)
    Favorite Song(s): Can’t stop loving you
    I love the words, the meaning, the video and Phil’s performance is just amazing! The entire piece is perfect!

  5. From: Brittany (January 4, 2014 6:53pm)
    Favorite Song(s) One More Night, Sussudio, I Wish It Would Rain Down, Easy Lover, I Cannot Believe It’s True, Take Me Home (too many to list!)
    One More Night is truly a beautiful love song and the music video is equally beautiful.
    Sussudio is one of those feel good songs that makes you want to get up and dance.
    I Wish It Would Rain Down is another beautiful song that is simple. It has helped me through many tough times.
    I like the other songs because they are either just plain fun to listen to or they are coming straight from the heart, like I Cannot Believe It’s True.

  6. From: Alena R. Owen (January 9, 2014. 6:12pm)
    Favorite song: That’s How I Feel (B-side to Hang In Long Enough)
    I think, of all of his songs, this is my favorite because it explains two sides to relationships. I think it all depends on how you look at the words. I also love the guitar solo because it’s sort of a combination of all of the previous works.

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