And Now A Word From Phil…

So I got a response from Annie (Phil’s assistant) last week!
She asked that I not post a copy of her letter on here…so to abide by her wishes, here’s basically what she wrote…

“I emailed Phil your letter and the copy letter to RRHOF and he sent this reply back:

“Thank you all and I think it would be ‘very nice’ to be honoured in that way.”

It took them years to induct Genesis, let’s hope it’s not that long before they Induct Phil.”

And to that, I say, No one deserves it more than you, Phil… 😉

Now more than ever we need to prove to the RRHOF that Phil DESERVES to be inducted just as much as Peter Gabriel does. So let’s make sure every Phil & Genesis fan worldwide signs the online petition!  We have 32 signatures so far, which is fabulous (Thanks to everyone who’s signed it so far! 😀 ), but there’s still so many more who haven’t yet. Here’s the link…  Go Here To Sign Phil’s Petition

Okay, enough “You Rah-Rah-ing” for the day. Stick around…more good stuff to come!


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